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We provide social impact economy research, development, dialogue and consulting services focused on the integration of community capital, local investing, and social enterprise.

Our core purpose is to nurture a generative and collaborative ecosystem in the Great Lakes region.

What began in 2011 as an fireside idea in the mind of an anthropology-minded financial advisor, is now a growing organization that includes the imprint of dozens of professionals and thousands of individuals in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. Together with your help, we are helping to build a better future for everyone.

Explore our site, check out our events, read some articles, consider our services, and join the conversation of how we might create a more resilient and sustainable future for us and the generations to come.

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In partnership with MSU Regional Economic Innovation, we published a comprehensive co-learning plan to be used in the classroom, on the streets, and in the boardroom. Check out the REI project page for links to other inspiring ideas.



  • Angela and her team have launched this forward thinking project, Reconsider, to help people in our community in so many ways. This is the way of the future in America.

    - Stefan Graf Ypsilanti, MI
  • As an entrepreneur in Southeast Michigan I'm inspired and encouraged by Reconsider's insight and vision for connecting local people with bright ideas and socially-responsible visions.

    - Callan Loo CEO of Peaceful Crossings, LLC
  • We were so excited to learn about Reconsider and the things they are doing to help our community. This is an idea born into exactly the right time.

    - Kathy Graf Ypsilanti, MI
  • An innovative, new company with the experience, passion and values needed to help reorient our economy. I am SO ready to Reconsider!

    - Bryan Weinert Zero Waste Advocate, Recycle Ann Arbor
  • Seeing the edge of a steep cliff coming into view, Reconsider pulled away from the herd to pause, think, listen, and investigate a new path towards sound financial planning.

    - David Palmer Ypsilanti, MI


  • Today, over 99% of long term wealth in the U.S. is invested in the global financial system, OUTSIDE of local community businesses. What would happen if investors shifted more of their investment capital into their local economy?—> What would ANN ARBOR look like in 5 YEARS, if it was supported by LOCAL CAPITAL? Join the conversation at the first of several venture LOCAL community gatherings to take place in Washtenaw County over the next six months. Seats are filling fast, so reserve yours now! P.S.—> We love diversity! Help us have a DIVERSE crowd of community members by inviting your friends who don’t often get to plug in to events like this!

    4 days ago

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  • Know a great company in Michigan who is on the upward trajectory? Nominate them for the 2015 50 Companies to Watch competition!

    5 days ago

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Where is your money?

If you could reconsider one thing, what would that one thing be? Community? Investing? Education? Agriculture?

The ability to “reconsider” something is a powerful notion. It allows you to reflect and react. It allows you to extract the positive while minimizing the negative. Most important, it allows you to reshape something to enhance it and make it better.

Reconsider was founded on this very same philosophy. 

Growing out of the very significant events since 2008 that rocked the financial services industry and consumers alike, Reconsider launched in December 2011 in Ypsilanti, Michigan with the objective to reshape and innovate the way we work with, create, and utilize our wealth for a more secure future.

Reconsider aims to be the voice of the tens or even hundreds of thousands of people who to date have not had one. Those people who have the fortitude to go against the grain to create and support an independent, resilient and sustainable local economy.

We at Reconsider are aware that change does not happen overnight and it doesn’t flow from the top down. Our grassroots approach starts local and will grow over time as our message resonates with more people. Join Reconsider as we shape a new financial frontier where more consumers will have a greater say and enhanced control of their money.  Subscribe to our newsletter here!

So what are you going to reconsider?

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